Fees for tax services

We do not offer free consultations. No advice will be provided over the phone or in person without a paid consultation. We offer discounted consultations. You should come prepared with necessary documents and questions for your consultation so you can get your money’s worth.

If you are seeking generic, non-specific advice, there many firms that offer free consultations.

Free services are available for low-income clients:

All fees below are approximates. 3-12 month payment plans are available with a 3rd party credit check.

Audits, IRS appeals, and tax litigation

Minimum advance payment between $2,000 to $5,000.

If bookkeeping is required, one of our accountants can assist you for an additional charge.

Tax Relief

In order for the IRS to accept collections alternatives such as payment plans and offers in compromise, you must be compliant with your tax return filings.

If you have unfiled returns, they must be filed before we can assist you with collections. We can have one of our accountants assist you with that for an additional charge, or you can hire your own.

Some clients are not sure how much they owe and for what tax periods, or whether they’ve filed all their tax returns. For such clients, it’s necessary first to do a compliance check.

Compliance check, including follow up consult – $500 to $750
Installment agreements and CNC – $750 to $2,000
Offers in compromise – $2,000 to $3,000
Tax debt >$250,000 or involving a revenue officer – $3,000+ depending on the amount of the debt
Accounting work – flat fee

Offshore Compliance

Straightforward streamlined cases (e.g., no PFICs or foreign entities) – $5,000 and up (when including the cost of CPA’s services)
All other cases will depend on the complexity and fees can vary significantly.

Tax Planning

  • Tax Opinion Letters / Private Letter Rulings – billed hourly at $300 (note, the IRS’s filing fees for most private letter rulings has increased dramatically).
  • Business Structure/Tax Opportunity Review – billed hourly at $300 or flat fees may be available depending on issue.
  • Multi-State Sales Tax Analysis – billed hourly at $300 or $1,000 and up (depending on number of states).
  • Research Tax Credits – fixed fee, hourly cap up to 25% of the tax benefit.
  • Self-Directed IRA Structuring / Advice –  billed hourly at $300.
  • Solo 401(k) Plan / Rollover Business 401(k) Plan – $3,000 and up.
  • Employee Benefits Policy or Plan Implementation – variable fixed fees or billed hourly at $300.

State Audits & Appeals

  • Sales & Use Tax Audits and Appeals – billed hourly at $300.
  • Texas Voluntary Disclosures – $1,000 – $1,500.
  • Texas Open Records Requests – $500.
  • Texas Unclaimed Property Claims – billed hourly at $300 but, in some cases, contingent fees may be possible based on amount recovered.